The VFCR Portal

At Valves & Flow Control Resources Limited we have embraced technology and are continually looking at ways of harnessing the advances made in web based service solutions to further enhance the service we can provide to our new and existing customers.

By working closely with our software development team we have created a tailored web portal that solves the problem of project management within the industry. Our software enables us to provide instant support, a single resource for all technical information and importantly a constant communcation stream.

A quicker, more eco-friendly way

VFCR Project Management Portal Screenshot

The system is designed to support customer projects where a high level of documentation is required for review and approval. By utilising a web based system we no longer need to print volumes of binders containing specific documents but can upload data for online approval for all aspects of document supply. By using an electronic system we can provide data more accurately and quickly allowing continual progression through to project completion with the least amount of paperwork.

VFCR Project Management Portal Screenshot

When issued with a user name and password our customers will have access to documentation such as below which can be reviewed, commented, uploaded for amendment to final approval.

  • General arrangement drawings
  • Quality design plans
  • Manufacturers inspection & test plans
  • Specific data sheets
  • Manufacturers Certification
  • Material Certificates (3.1)
  • Operating & Maintenance manuals
  • Inspection & Test reports
  • Concession requests (if needed)
  • Deviation notifications (if needed)
VFCR Project Management Portal Screenshot

The system provides a fully managed support option to reduce documentation turn-around time and provide a smooth work flow of paper work.

Upon initial login our customers will be able to see at a glance the current progress status against agreed targets and the system will send reminders to all relevant people to ensure focus is maintained on delivering the end result of project completion.