Rotork Skilmatic Actuator
Rotork Skilmatic Actuator
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The Rotork Skilmatic ranges of self contained electro-hydraulic actuators are available for fitting to both multi-turn and quarter valves to provide fail safe operation in the event of power loss. These units combine the simplicity of electrical operation with the precision of hydraulic control providing reliable fail safe operation. The fail safe units available are ideal for remote installations where installing a pneumatic system would prove too costly and expensive to maintain.

The self contained unit has a proven track record and is now extensively used on a number of bulk fuel installations throughout the UK as part of site safety instrument systems requiring the installation of an actuated valve assembly for ESD (emergency shutdown) applications.

Torque Output 65NM to 210,000NM For spring return model & 1000NM to 600,000NM for double acting model
Power Supply Three phase, direct current and single phase
Housing Classification IP68
Controls Position indication, Status & Alarm, Data logging, Actuator availability.
Area Classifications EExd IIB T4, EExd IIC T4